Germany’s first vegan kindergarten is set to open this summer

Read Time:   |  15th March 2018

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A vegan kindergarten is opening in Frankfurt this summer, where the children will be taught to respect animals and humans, and animals are off the menu!

vegan kindergarten

In August the Mokita Kindergarten is set to open in Frankfurt, offering parents the chance to send their children to a preschool where there are no meat, egg or dairy products on the menu.

The kindergarten, which will at first care for 40 children, has set itself ambitious goals. Their stated aim is to create toddlers with the ability ‘to take account of conflicting goals when considering strategies for action” and to “reflect their own mission statements and those of others.’ This approach aim to teach students to respect and empathise with others, including animals.

The school has big plans to ‘provide a sustainable, full-fledged, vegetarian nutritional concept that empowers children to eat healthily and responsibly with regard to animals, fellow human beings, and the environment’.


However, the The has faced criticism from local politicians.

Stefan von Wangenheim of the Free Democrats told the Frankfurter Rundschau (FR) that a specialist told him that “one could see this as a form of physical abuse.”

“If parents were to send their kids to a Kindergarten which only provided fast food that would be just as dangerous for them as a vegan diet,” von Wangenheim said.

Scientific study

Frankfurt city authorities, meanwhile, say that while they have given the kindergarten permission to open, they will be keeping a close eye on it.

A spokesperson for the city education authority said that the children at Mokita would be part of a scientific study to improve knowledge about vegan nutrition for children.

The children will be made to undergo regular examinations by doctors, and if anything unusual arises, the city will step in to resolve the issue.

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