Free4DairyFree campaigns to end extra charges for non-dairy milk at UK retailers

Read Time:   |  25th February 2021

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Free4DairyFree has launched a campaign to end the extra charges put on plant-based milk alternatives at cafés, coffee shops and other UK retailers.


A new campaign is pushing for the removal of extra charges added to non-dairy milk alternatives at coffee shops, cafés and other retailers in the UK.

Free4DairyFree believes that it is in everyone’s interest – including businesses – to bring an end to the extra charges.

In cafés across the UK, plant-based milk such as soya, oat, coconut and almond can see extra charges of up to 50p added to the cost of a barista drink made using them. This extra charge can be a significant reason for consumers choosing not to try plant-based alternatives as if you are a regular coffee drinker, those charges quickly add up.

While some coffee chains such as Costa have temporarily removed charges for non-dairy milk in the past, Free4DairyFree is campaigning for the permanent and sustainable end to surcharges.

As part of the campaign, the team have created an F4DF Charter that recognises retailers who have already removed dairy-free milk charges. Co-founder Nicole McCulloch explained, “Over time, we expect the F4DF Charter to become a statement and standard with which industry and consumers can recognise and resonate with.”


‘Fundamentally the right decision’

George Bloor, co-founder of Free4DairyFree told us: “The campaign was born from a belief that removing charges for plant milk is fundamentally the right decision for everyone involved.

“The tide has already turned in favour of plant milk. It’s not a case of whether more people turn to them, it’s simply a case of when.”

With a global climate crisis threatening our planet, now is the time to make the sustainable switch and keep the Paris Agreement on track. In fact, dairy production must be reduced by 50% by the year 2050 if we want to avoid irreparable climate damage.

‘Industry collaboration is critical’

And it’s not just consumers who will benefit from free plant-based alternatives, it’s businesses too. Free4DairyFree are conscious of the financial barrier some small independents face, however, and therefore the campaign proposes innovative solutions such as the F4DF Delivery concept which presents a cost-effective pathway.

As McCulloch says, “The only way we’re going to affect real change is by listening and taking into account everyone’s perspectives on the issue.” The Free4DairyFree team recognises that “industry collaboration is absolutely critical” and Bloor says they “welcome contact from any coffee shop, café or retailer who interested in reducing or removing charges.”

You can sign the petition here to help end the surcharge added to non-dairy milk at UK retailers.

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