Former Waitrose magazine editor who joked about ‘killing vegans’ goes vegan for a week

Read Time:   |  20th January 2020

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William Sitwell came under fire after he joked about killing vegans in an email, but he recently spent a week eating a plant-based diet after the woman who called him out challenged him to go vegan for a week.


The former editor of Waitrose Food Magazine recently adopted a plant-based diet for seven days, two years after he joked about killing vegans in a leaked email.

William Sitwell caused controversy after he responded to a pitch from freelance journalist Selene Nelson, who had pitched him a series of vegan recipes,  suggesting that instead they run a feature on killing vegans.

Sitwell resigned from his role at the magazine two days later, but the journalist who called him out recently published a book, Yes Ve-gan!, on how to live life as a vegan and challenged him to use it as a guide to try eating like a vegan for a week.

Sitwell agreed and shared his experience in an article featured on The Daily Telegraph, where he revealed that he felt the benefits of the diet after a single week.

Although he admitted he would return to eating animal products, he said he planned to “tread occasionally back on to vegan turf” as his body had welcomed his change in diet.

“I never felt bloated after a meal, I never had indigestion and not a glimmer of acid reflux. Pleasingly, I now feel a little leaner,” he revealed.

Positive experience

Nelson told vegan media outlet VegNews that she was pleased that Sitwell had felt the physical benefits of eating after just a week following a plant-based diet, saying: “I was so pleased that William felt the benefits of vegan living—and even happier that he’s going to incorporate more plant-based food into his diet from now on.

“So many people still see veganism as a sacrifice, something that means you miss out on things you like. But the reality is that veganism is easy, accessible, and enjoyable; it’s genuinely fun, and that’s a message I really wanted to get across in Yes Ve-gan!

There are very important issues behind why people go vegan, and though William and I may not agree on all of them, I’m thrilled he took something positive from my book and his vegan experience.”

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