Follow Your Heart launches vegan garlic aoili and Sriracha Vegenaise in UK supermarkets

Follow Your Heart launches vegan garlic aoili and Sriracha Vegenaise in UK supermarkets

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Vegan food company Follow Your Heart is bringing two delicious new flavours of its popular Veganaise to the UK. 

vegan Garlic Aoili uk

US vegan food brand follow Your Heart has announced the launch of two exciting new products to its range in UK supermarkets – Sriracha Vegenaise and Garlic Aoili.

According to the company, the Sriracha Vegenaise is an “irresistible sweet and spicy blend of chilli peppers and soy-free Vegenaise, adding a punch of flavour to your vegan dish” while the Garlic Aoili is a “combination of creamy Vegenaise and savoury garlic bringing a taste of the Mediterranean to your table.”

vegan Garlic Aoili uk

No added nasties

A spokesperson for the company told Vegan Food & Living: “Going dairy-free or vegan just got more delicious with the Garlic Aioli and Sriracha Vegenaise.

“Whether you’re looking for an alternative sauce to dip your chips, spread on a juicy vegan burger, sandwich or wrap, these mouth-watering Vegenaises will take your favourite recipes to the next level! The range is egg-free, 100% natural and has all the flavour of the real thing whilst containing no added nasties.”

Zero waste

Follow Your Heart keep ethics and the environment at the heart of everything they do. The company who produce Follow Your Heart’s vegan products, solar-powered California-based manufacturing company Earth Island have received a Gold Level Zero-Waste certification. They are the first plant-based company to receive Gold Level Zero-Waste certification from sustainability watchdog group Green Business Certification Incorporated.               

Follow Your Heart’s Original Vegenaise is available from Sainsbury’s, Holland & Barrett while the new flavours are stocked on Ocado.

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