Extinction Rebellion extend olive branch to David Attenborough after criticism of their methods

Read Time:   |  29th October 2020

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Extinction Rebellion activists visited David Attenborough's house to extend an olive branch after the 94 year old criticised their civil disobedience methods.


Environmental activist group Extinction Rebellion paid a visit to David Attenborough’s house where the 94-year-old is shielding from Covid-19, in order to deliver a letter and gifts.

The national treasure recently appeared in a BBC interview where he questioned Extinction Rebellion’s methods despite obviously agreeing with their mission to save the planet.

Sir David said: “In getting things changed you have to be careful that you don’t break the law – I think.

“And I also think that we have to treat our community with respect. Disturbing their lives to such an extent that people can’t get about their business is a serious thing to do. And it could disenchant an awful lot of people from the action that we’re talking about.

“It’s simply a question of what is a polite and sensible way of persuading other people to join you.”

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In response, members of the group delivered a letter encouraging him to change his mind on civil disobedience as a method of generating change, in addition to a small olive tree with pictures of environmental activists ‘murdered in their essential actions’ and a ‘starter pack on nonviolent civil disobedience’.

‘Scorned by society’

The letter expressed the need for civil disobedience in the climate crisis, explaining:

“Nonviolent civil disobedience has a long history of bringing about swift, transformational change. Breaking the law was integral to the achievements of the Suffragettes, Gandhi’s Salt Marchers, the Civil Rights movement and the Polish and East German democracy movement, to name only a few.

“All who stood were scorned by society during their time, the majority of them mischaracterized as extremists and aggressors (and worse!). But stand they did, and the world is better for their sacrifice. We owe our freedoms to the courage of those who broke the law and risked their lives and freedoms before us.”


It seems Extinction Rebellion are hoping the beloved 94 year old is going to use the super-glue and D-lock provided in their starter pack to start chaining himself to buildings across London.

Sir David is yet to comment on the environmental stunt outside his gates and the gifts he received.

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