A British ex-dairy farmer is now selling oat milk in reusable glass bottles

Read Time:   |  14th January 2021

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Ex-dairy farmer Jay Wilde is now selling fresh oat milk made on his farm in the Midlands.


Back in 2017, farmer Jay Wilde famously sent his herd of cattle to Hillside Animal Sanctuary in Norfolk as he could no longer bear to send them off to slaughter.

This emotional send-off was made into a BAFTA-winning documentary entitled 73 Cows and demonstrated that it’s never too late to change your livelihood if it doesn’t align with your ethical values.

Now, with the help of Refarm’d, an organisation which helps dairy farmers make the switch to producing plant milks, Jay and his wife Katja are producing fresh oat milk on their ex-dairy and beef farm.

Bradley Nook Farm is the first in the UK to partner with Refarm’d and uses only local and organic ingredients for their eco-friendly oat milk.

The British oat milk is sold via a subscription scheme in the Midlands and is held in returnable and reusable glass bottles. Initially, the scheme is limited to only 100 subscribers, but the couple aims to expand soon after.


The death of dairy?

With projects like Refarm’d helping farmers transition from animal-based to plant-based farming it is becoming easier for more people to make the connection.

Speaking to Plant Based News, the founder of Refarm’d Geraldine Starke said: “Our model is conceived such that farmers keep their identity, their dignity, their farm, and their animals while being self-sufficient. We want to show what the future of farming could look like.”

Dairy milk is in steep decline, with government subsidies propping up the precarious industry. It relies on consumers buying the products en masse, but with plant-based alternatives on the rise could this be the death of dairy?

A third of UK households now buy dairy-free milk alternatives, and the plant milk industry is set to be worth a staggering £516.5 million by the year 2025.

Let’s take on the world with a glass of oat milk in hand!

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