Vegan food delivery service dubbed ‘ethical alternative to Deliveroo’ to roll out across UK

Read Time:   |  28th October 2020

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New delivery platform 'Get Vegan Grub', set to roll out across the UK, has been dubbed as an 'ethical alternative to Deliveroo'.


It’s official – a new delivery platform is here, exclusively providing vegan food!

Get Vegan Grub, formerly known as IndieHob, works with independent food businesses to deliver vegan food across Manchester. Now, the company is on a mission to ‘paint the UK green’, and plans to roll out the concept nationwide.

The company website enthuses, “We know that it’s not always easy to find a dedicated vegan menu when you’re ordering food. A lot of restaurants don’t have vegan options for every course, or they simply adapt existing dishes. We’re out to change that!

When food businesses join us, they have to provide us with a vegan menu. This encourages them to create a dedicated menu, so you can find vegan grub from local businesses, easily.”


Founder Prashant Kumbhat said: “Unlike other platforms – like Just Eat, Uber Eats or Deliveroo – we do not overcharge our partners. This means our partners get to reinvest their profits back in their businesses. 

“We’re very young, and there’s still much to be done. We strive to continue working towards our goal of being cruelty-free in every aspect of our business, and to create a sustainable model that others can follow.” 

Raised on the principles of Jainism, Kumbhat is determined to make ordering vegan food easier, whilst also helping small businesses survive and thrive at a time when they need it most. He does not charge businesses a joining or monthly fee for being part of Get Vegan Grub, unlike the big delivery services, enabling small businesses to reach a wider audience at no extra cost.

While the company is currently only based in Manchester, soon customers in other major cities will be able to place orders through the ethical delivery service.

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