Emirates launches multimillion-dollar investment into vegan options following ‘heightened’ demand

Read Time:   |  28th October 2022

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Emirates' vegan options boast a creamy spinach and avocado mousseline and a chocolate tofu cheesecake


Emirates has responded to the ‘heightened demand for plant-based cuisine’ with a multimillion-dollar investment into new vegan options onboard.

The top airline has launched a new gourmet menu for First and Business Class flyers – while Economy Class menus have recently been refreshed and change every month.

Currently, Emirates offers more than 180 plant-based vegan recipes, and has been serving plant-based options onboard since the 1990s.

“Vegan dishes are now rapidly gaining general popularity on US, Australian, some European and UK routes, with a sizeable increase in interest in vegan dishes over the last decade,” the company said.

Emirates’ vegan options for Economy

Current Economy passenger favourites include a creamy spinach and avocado mousseline, with marinated tofu, blanched snow peas, radish, asparagus, pomegranate seeds, courgette ribbon and sriracha oil, or the multicoloured quinoa with succulent caramelised pear and celeriac purée, roasted cauliflower, glazed carrots, sautéed kale and lovage pesto.

Also available at the moment is a dish celebrating the hearty Autumnal flavours of barley risotto with mushrooms, served with sun-dried tomatoes, buttered chestnuts, blanched broccolini and toasted pumpkin seeds.

For dessert, there’s a wide range of choice, from dark chocolate custard cake with fresh strawberries to zesty lemon tart with coconut cream. 

There’s even a chocolate tofu cheesecake complemented by strawberry compote.

New Emirates’ vegan options for First and Business class

For First and Business class customers, the emphasis has been put on creating healthy options that are made from quality ingredients, like artisan vegan cheese and koftas made from Beyond meat.

Chickpea flour is used instead of white flour to make light, fluffy crepes and omelettes, as chickpea flour is gluten-free and can naturally aerate dishes.

Coconut and flaxseed oils are used as healthier cooking oils, plus have the added benefit of enhancing the flavour of dishes and having a higher smoking point.

The new menu also has a focus on creative new ways to use vegetables so that the absence of meat and mock meats isn’t even noticed. Jackfruit, kohlrabi and cauliflower all feature heavily on the menu.

Examples of the new dishes include heirloom cherry tomato tofu with edamame and roasted sesame, thyme scented mushroom ragout, fresh Hass avocado and mango salad timbale, or kale and cranberry salad served on a bed of grilled sweet potato.

Several of the new dessert options are even topped with genuine gold leaf to enhance the luxury feeling.

‘The best airline for vegan travellers’

In a statement sent to Vegan Food & Living, Emirates said: “Already consistently rated as the best airline for vegan travellers by many dedicated website polls, Emirates has invested into developing a new vegan menu to rival acclaimed restaurants. 

“The vegan menu in First and Business Class spent a year in development in Emirates Flight Catering, an expansive facility based at Dubai International airport, which is home to 11,000 employees and serves up to 225,000 meals daily.”

*Vegan options are available to order and pre-order onboard, as well as in Emirates Lounges

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