‘I hit rock bottom’ – Deliciously Ella founder shares how vegan diet helped cure her illness

Read Time:   |  25th August 2022

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Ella Mills explains how years of struggling with her health lead her to create a leading vegan food business


Deliciously Ella founder Ella Mills has credited her vegan diet to help cure her illness.

The food blogger turned entrepreneur recently revealed she had to drop out of university due to problems with her health.

In an interview with the Independent, Mills explained: “I had lots of digestive issues, I had chronic fatigue, chronic pain, [and] a consistent UTI for four years.

“I was on antibiotics, I went into hospital for antibiotic drips, I was on steroids, I tried beta blockers”.

Mills was put on medication after being diagnosed with postural tachycardia syndrome – a blood circulation disorder which causes symptoms such as dizziness.

However, a year later and the drugs still hadn’t changed anything.

‘I just hit rock bottom’

“I just hit an absolute rock bottom with my physical health, but also with my mental health,” Mills said.

At 21 years old, Mills then started experimenting with her diet – cutting out meat and processed food and transitioning towards veganism. The blogger’s health began to improve and she eventually came off her medication.

This isn’t the first time Mills has spoken out about her health struggles.

In a 2019 interview with Healthline, she said: “When I was first diagnosed with my illness (which affected my autonomic nervous system and left me stuck in bed) I really sunk into a dark place, but six years later that negative has turned into a huge positive, which ultimately has defined my whole life.

“It led me to a new love of cooking and eating well, which I began sharing online and then evolved into a successful business, which I run with my husband”.

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