Edinburgh’s first dedicated zero waste shop is opening, but they need your help!

Read Time:   |  7th August 2018

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Matt Foulds, his wife Stephanie and their 12-week old baby Jasmina are seeking crowdfunding to open a community interest, zero waste shop in Edinburgh.

Edinburgh zero waste shop

The idea to open The Eco Larder, a social enterprise shop selling plastic-free lifestyle goods and package-free dry foods, was born when Matt and Stephanie became aware of the plastic waste polluting our oceans. Did you know that 91% of plastic isn’t recycled? This statistic shocked the couple, and they decided to take action.

They set a goal to take a step towards waste reduction every day, but found this difficult with no dedicated zero waste shops in their local area. In order to combat this problem and encourage others to cut down on plastic packaging, they planned to open a shop of their own.

If it receives enough funding to open, The Eco Larder will donate its profits to organisations helping people and animals affected by waste pollution. Its mission will be to reduce waste on a local level in order to help the planet on a global level.

Edinburgh zero waste shop

A shop like this could help the community of Edinburgh to increase awareness of plastic pollution and reduce their plastic waste footprint.

Matt and Stephanie recently found an ideal location for the shop at Haymarket. They need to raise £20,000 to open there, and have (so far) reached £4,775 of their target. With only 30 days left to go, they need the help of the public to make this dream a reality.

Find out more at www.theecolarder.com. The crowdfunding page is at www.crowdfunder.co.uk/the-eco-larder-needs-a-home-in-edinburgh/ and you can support them on social media by liking their Facebook and Instagram pages (@theecolarder).

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