Ecotricity founder creates world’s first zero-impact diamonds ‘made entirely from the sky’

Read Time:   |  3rd November 2020

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The founder of Britain's greenest energy provider, Ecotricity, has created the world's first diamonds made entirely from the sky.


Love the look of diamonds but hate the myriad of ethical issues that surround them? Sky Diamonds might just be the answer you’ve been looking for!

Dale Vince, the founder of Ecotricity and owner of vegan football team Forest Green Rovers, has developed a clean process of creating diamonds ‘made entirely from the sky’.

Vince’s new venture Sky Diamond extracts carbon from the atmosphere and crystallises it to form diamonds, using the wind and sun to power their machines.

The manufacturing process of creating diamonds that Vince uses is not new, and synthetic diamonds have been made since the 1940s. However, it is significantly more sustainable, and ‘not just low carbon, not just zero carbon, but actually negative carbon’.

According to research, producing a one-carat stone can involve shifting 1,000 tonnes of rock and earth, 3,890 litres of water, and more than 108kg of carbon dioxide emissions. This is completely unsustainable, and a greener alternative is greatly needed.

‘Modern alchemy’

Vince proudly proclaimed: “Making diamonds from nothing more than the sky, from the air we breathe – is a magical, evocative idea – it’s modern alchemy.

“It’s industry fit for the 21st century… Our new process puts back air that is cleaner than we take out – we have negative emissions.”


‘Bling without the sting’

Sky Diamond posted a video of Vince talking about the new venture on Instagram, where he said:

“It’s being used to fight the climate crisis, to create greater sustainability as part of the green industrial revolution, and it’s a great example of how we can live this greener life and still live. We can have bling without the sting…it’s not about giving things up, it’s about doing things differently.”

The diamonds that are created using this process are physically and chemically identical to diamonds mined on earth, meaning you don’t have to sacrifice your taste to be greener.

More ethical

Vince also added that his process is more ethical in light of bloody conflicts that break out in diamond-producing regions, and his diamonds will offset the environmental and socio-economic impact of the mining industry.

It looks like diamonds really are a girl’s best friend!

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