An eco-conscious online vegan department store is launching in the UK

Read Time:   |  30th October 2017

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A brand new online department store (launching on October 30th) that is bringing together a range of contemporary UK brands from natural beauty to furniture who make high-quality products that meet sustainable values. The aim of the company is to make sustainable living both accessible and attractive to all… 

Finding high-quality products that meet your sustainable values can be tricky, but a new online store is launching with over 20 individually selected partner brands and their products that have been chosen for their sustainable/ ethical production (no mass produced goods or sweatshops!), natural ingredients and/or recyclable and upcycled materials.

Championing UK brands

Championing UK brands is at the heart of what Wearth London do, and their goal is to be a platform which supports and vitalises the sustainable retail offering.

Online store

Wearth London want to make it easy for people to shop by their values, and customers can easily do this by visiting the store’s values page. Here customers can see products from a range of departments which have different values, for instance reclaimed materials, plastic free or made in the UK.

Rather than having a big warehouse where stock is held and then repackaged,  the brands on the site will deliver direct to the customer to make running the store more efficient.

Product departments 

From clothing and furniture to beauty and homeware products, there’s something for everyone in Wearth London’s store.

All of the furniture sold in the store is hand made in the UK using reclaimed or sustainably sourced materials, and is full of stylish and contemporary pieces.

The natural beauty department is, as you would expect, full of beauty products which are natural and free from any nasty chemicals. As an added bonus, the producst sold are all sold in glass bottles.

The founders

Ed and Imogen are the founding force behind Wearth London. Ed is a Geography graduate who has developed a passion for protecting the environment during his studies and Imogen, who is finishing a marketing degree, is equally passionate about promoting sustainable living through rewriting the stereotypes associated with eco-products.

Speaking about their new venture, Ed said “Our aim is really to make it easy to find nice brands which have sustainable values and are relevant to our customers. There are some great products out there in the UK but they’re hard to find, that’s why we’ve spent over a year now researching and partnering up with these brands, making them more accessible. We want to make the eco-movement more widespread in the UK.”

“As someone who has always been interested in fashion and style, I struggled to find a balance between this and my commitment to live sustainably. This was the inspiration behind Wearth London, a store for people who care about style and also conscious living – the two no longer need to be a contradiction,” Imogen added.

Wearth London launches online on October 30th.

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