Earthling Ed ‘so happy’ after short film ‘Milk’ nominated for major award – how YOU can vote

Author: Liam Gilliver

Read Time:   |  12th April 2023

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A short film written by Earthling Ed has been nominated for a Webby Award, here’s how you can help it win…


Earthling Ed has revealed his short film Milk has been nominated for a major award.

The renowned vegan activist, whose real name is Ed Winters, wrote the motion picture to highlight ‘the reality of the dairy industry from the perspective of those trapped within it’.

Now, Milk has been nominated for an Webby Award: a 27 year old organisation dedicated to celebrating ‘excellence on the internet’. It has gained the nickname ‘the Oscar’s of the Internet’.

Earthling Ed on Milk’s nomination

The short flick will go up against four other productions. These include Nomit’s A Flammable Planet and Only a Child, produced by Amka films.

Speaking about the nomination, Ed said: “This is a really amazing opportunity for a film about veganism and animal rights to win the prestigious award of its kind. 

“Together, we can make it happen!”

‘All dairy cows are victims’

“We never stop to think about what these animals are being forced to endure,” the film’s description reads.

“So, by highlighting the story of an individual mother… We hope that people will recognise that there is always a victim when we buy dairy products.”

Milk also debunks myths surrounding phrases such as ‘organic, free-range, high-welfare, and humanely raised’ – adding: “It doesn’t matter what label we put on dairy products.

“All dairy cows are victims of an industry that forcibly impregnates them, takes their babies from them, exploits their bodies and then sends them to a slaughterhouse to cut their throats. It’s time to end the dairy industry.”

Webby Award – how to vote

Fans of Earthling Ed and Milk can vote for the film online, under the category Animation.

Voting is open until April 20 and a winner will be announced a week later on April 27. Voters must login or create and account with Webby to cast their vote.

You can vote for Milk here

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Featured image: Earthling Ed, edited by Vegan Food & Living

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