Dominos in Belgium and the Netherlands are adding three vegan cheese pizzas to their menus

Read Time:   |  26th April 2018

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Three new vegan pizzas, created in collaboration with the Dutch Society for Veganism, are set to be released at branches of Domino’s in Belgium and the Netherlands.

dominos vegan pizza belgium

Vegans in the Netherlands and Belgium will soon be able to feast on three brand new vegan cheese pizzas from Domino’s when they arrive in branches at the end of the month.

The new options include a Vegan Margherita, Vegan BBQ, and Spicy Vegan for those who like things hot!

For those who prefer to customise their pizzas to their own preferences, Dominos is giving customers the option to choose their favourite toppings for their pizzas, which includes a wide range of veggies from mushrooms and caramelised onions to pineapple and spring onion.

If you like things a little bit saucier, there’s also a vegan Hickory BBQ sauce and a vegan-friendly pesto.

Vegan bases

Until now, vegans have been unable to indulge in Domino’s pizza in Belgium and the Netherlands as the bases contained milk, as they currently do in the UK and USA. Thankfully, due to the fast-growing demand from consumers for vegan options, the pizza chain made the decision to remove dairy from all of its pizza bases to make them vegan-friendly.


Domino’s has been on a mission to increase its vegan options due to the ever-growing demand for vegan options. Proving that veganism is now firmly embedded in the mainstream, Domino’s Australia recently announced that it would be offering vegan cheese, as well as three special vegan topping combos at over 600 locations in Australia. The new vegan menu proved so popular that the company was running out of vegan cheese, and despite only being added as a trial, vegan cheese was soon made a permanent menu addition.

Domino’s has also upgraded its vegan menu in Israel by switching to a dairy-free ‘cheese’ produced in the UK by award-winning ethical food firm VBites.

Whilst we hope that we will soon see these options rolled out to more international markets, Domino’s have spoken out in the past to say that they will never ‘cave’ to ‘animal rights extremists’ and source ingredients from suppliers with stricter animal welfare policies. However, the decision to start adding vegan cheese to menus is a positive step forward as it makes veganism accessible to many people who are unsure about going vegan if it means giving up their favourite treats.

The vegan pizzas will be available in branches on Domino’s in the Netherlands and Belgium from April 30th, 2018.

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