Discover Woodbridge’s brand new 100% vegan street food mobile kitchen

Read Time:   |  20th July 2017

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Woodbridge in Suffolk is now home to a brand new vegan street food mobile kitchen, who are serving up a range of gluten, dairy and refined sugar free food that’s lovingly made with locally sourced, fresh produce.

Discover Woodbridge's brand new 100% vegan street food mobile kitchen

John and Ginny have always been passionate about good food, and their new plant based street food business Juan Pablo has given them the opportunity to make this passion their life. John has been a chef and catering manager for many years, Ginny has been sugar/wheat free for decades and since developing a dairy intolerance 8 years ago their diet has become more and more vegan based.

They decided to set up Juan Pablo after spending summers out at festivals realising how limited food choices were for people with non standard diets. “Eating at festivals and out generally is difficult” said Ginny “finding somewhere that understands and offers gluten/dairy/sugar free diets is a continual challenge which becomes really frustrating and makes me feel left out of the whole social element of enjoying food outside of the home”

Discover Woodbridge's brand new 100% vegan street food mobile kitchen

Locally sourced fresh produce 

Juan Pablo also showcases their ethical stance on eating and living… the majority of their fresh produce comes from a local pesticide free nursery, most dried and packaged food is organic as possible, all the cleaning products are eco, their trailer is LED lit and soon will be run purely from solar and LPG.

“We love the feeling that eating well grown, sourced and prepared food gives you” said John. “As a chef it is a delight to handle and prepare high quality food from scratch that not only is tasty, but makes you feel energised and satisfied for hours after eating it”

Ginny specialises in making gluten and refined sugar free treats with a penchant for raw food, although aquafaba brownies are also one of her favourites! “After years of not being able to eat sweet treats, discovering raw food was a dietary miracle and I love sharing my offerings with people and watching their faces as they realise just how yummy raw food and ‘sugar free’ can be.”

“We are getting so much support and positive feedback ranging from people who have never eaten meat free, let alone vegan before, through to committed, long standing vegetarians and vegans. It is fascinating and so rewarding to offer tasty, healthy, ethical food choices that people come back for more of”

Discover Woodbridge's brand new 100% vegan street food mobile kitchen

There is a grass roots change in how people are eating, awareness is greater now than it has ever been and the choices available expanding all the time. People are actively making healthier, conscious choices about what they are putting into their bodies and how those choices support or impact the world around us. Juan Pablo is proud to be part of this growing movement and are very excited by the future.

Their newly opened Suffolk based mobile kitchen is near Woodbridge and festival bookings for next summer are already coming in thick and fast!

Where to find Juan Pablo

Juan Pablo are currently located at A2 Thompson Drive, Base Business Centre, Rendlesham, Woodbridge, Suffolk, IP12 2TW.

Photo credit: Juan Pablo/Facebook. 

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