Dennis the Menace’s sausage-loving Gnasher goes vegan in latest comic edition

Author: Molly Pickering

Read Time:   |  18th January 2022

Beano's beloved Dennis the Menace comic get a plant-based makeover after Gnasher the dog finds a new love for vegan sausages

Calling all Dennis the Menace fans. Gnasher’s gone vegan!

The cheeky pup, who is renowned for his love of steak and sausage, has a taste for plant-based in the Beano Annual 2022.

A spokesperson from PETA has said the vegan revolution is influencing all parts of society, so it’s no surprise the comic is keeping up with the times.

Furthermore, the announcement of Gnasher dipping his paws into veganism comes at a time where more people are introducing meat-free meals to their furry companions.

©The Beano

©The Beano

Gnasher goes vegan!

Since Gnasher first appeared in the Beano comic in 1968, he has developed a taste for slippers, sausages, steaks, and even homework.

However, the latest Dennis the Menace edition sees Gnasher unknowingly eating a vegan sausage.

At first, Gnasher is confused that he enjoyed the taste of the plant-based banger, and is seen thinking: “I liked those sausages! What does that say about me?”

Next, we see the notorious pooch contemplating his stance on a vegan diet: “I guess I like vegan sausages now. What else might I like? I draw the line at cats!”

While Dennis the Menace may just be a comic, it is encouraging to see veganism becoming a topic in mainstream media.

©The Beano

©The Beano

Can I feed my dog a vegan diet?

In short, yes! However, a dog has different nutritional needs from humans which need to be maintained in order to keep your four-legged friend healthy.

Thankfully, regulated vegan dog food is becoming increasingly popular and readily available in specialist stores.

Brands such as Lily’s Kitchen and THE PACK have launched sustainable meals that your dog will love.

Moreover, Formula 1 Champion, and fellow vegan, Lewis Hamilton has claimed a vegan diet changed his dog’s life for the better.

The vegan celebrity shared that Roscoe the dog no longer has breathing issues and is “like a puppy again” since switching to a plant-based diet.

If you think it is best for your dog to transition to a vegan diet, we recommend seeking advice from a qualified vet.

Need more advice on feeding your dog vegan?
Discover our complete guide to having a plant-based pooch!

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