Dairy giant Arla enters dairy-free market with new plant-based oat drinks

Read Time:   |  6th March 2020

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Dairy giant Arla Foods is making its first foray into the world of plant-based milks with the launch of Jörd, a trio of organic oat-based drinks.


Arla Foods, which is one of Europe’s largest dairy farmers cooperatives, is entering the dairy-free market with the launch of a new plant-based brand.

The new plant-based brand, JÖRD, will initially see three organic, oat-based being launched to market in Denmark this spring followed by the UK later this year.

The new range is comprised of Oat, an organic oat drink with a fresh and pure taste, Oat & Barley and Oat & Hemp varieties.


According to the company, the new JÖRD oat drinks “contain up to 50% more oat compared to competing products and less than half the number of ingredients.”

They are also free from additives, preservatives, stabilisers or gums and contain only natural sugars.

Speaking about the decision to launch dairy-free options, Ash Amirahmadi, managing director of Arla Foods UK, commented: “You wouldn’t expect a company owned by dairy farmers to move into plant-based, but we do not consider plant-based drinks to be substitutes for milk. Many people consuming plant-based drinks also include milk and other dairy products in their diets.

“As food choices become increasingly diverse and experimental, it’s a business opportunity for farmers but one that also aligns with our belief that foods made only from natural ingredients are always better.”

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