Costco replaces its famous hot dog with new meat-free options

Costco replaces its famous hot dog with new meat-free options

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Wholesale retailer Costco is replacing one of its food court’s most popular options – the Polish hot dog – with two healthier, meat-free choices.

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Photo credit: Jonathan Weiss/Shutterstock

The much-loved hot dog and soda combination, on sale since 1985, is disappearing from Costco stores nationwide. The vegan açaí bowl and vegetarian Al Pastor Salad being sold in its place are introducing customers to the vegan and organic options available in-store – in fact, the chain sells more organic food than Whole Foods Market annually. It certainly looks like the future of the food court will be healthier and more varied, which is always good news for us!

Speaking to the Seattle Times, Costco’s Chief Financial Officer Richard Galanti mentioned that many customers are yet to realise that the Al Pastor Salad is meat-free! Chief executive Craig Jelinek said: “This new plant-based protein salad, I know that excites you. It is healthy. And, uh, actually, it tastes pretty good, if you like those kind of things.’

The açaí bowls, which consist of pureed açaí, Kirkland granola and fresh fruit, are popular too, being high in antioxidants and omega-fatty-acid. Just make sure you ask for your açaí bowl without the granola if you’re vegan as it contains honey.

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For those that are bemoaning the loss of the Polish hot dog, we may well see the retailer adding vegan or vegetarian alternatives in the future, such as the Beyond Meat Sausage which is famed for its meaty taste and texture to meet the growing demand for meat-free options from consumers.