Copenhagen Fashion Week bans fur as designers ’embrace innovative vegan fabrics’

Read Time:   |  10th August 2022

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Copenhagen Fashion Week joins its neighbours Oslo, Helsinki, and Amsterdam in banning the use of fur in this year's show.


Copenhagen Fashion week has announced it has banned the use of animal fur in this year’s show.

The event, which takes place from August 9-12, follows in suit of Amsterdam, Helsinki, Oslo fashion weeks which have all ditched the cruel material.

Copenhagen Fashion week

Last year, the fashion week was was targeted by animal rights acitivists from Anima International, Dyrenes Alliance, and PETA UK.

Protestors with skeletons painted on their face held out grave stone-shaped placards with slogans such as “I wouldn’t be caught dead in animal skin” and “Fur is dead”.

Now, PETA UK has praised the event for the move. The charity’s European Vice President Mimi Bekhechi said: “PETA and compassionate fashionistas everywhere are celebrating the news that Copenhagen Fashion Week will go fur-free.

“This move follows a consumer awakening brought about by PETA supporters internationally, who piled on the pressure, pointing out that Danish “high-welfare” fur is a cruel and unsustainable scam.

Bekhechi added: “Today, fur is as dead as the animals it was stolen from. Designers around the globe are embracing sustainable, innovative vegan fabrics such as vegan leather. Milan and Paris fashion weeks must now follow suit.”

A ‘major turning point’

According to Hypebae, Thomas Pietsch of FOUR PAWS, described the move as a “historic moment and major turning point”.

He then added: “What we are witnessing is consumers saying en masse that they want the brands they buy from to be in favour of animal welfare.

“Paris and Milan fashion weeks have still not decided to go fur-free which is wholly unacceptable. Both events must immediately decide to join the majority of the European shows in banning this promotion of this inhumane and unsustainable practice”.

Many people are moving away from fur in favour of faux.

But is real fur or faux better for the environment? 

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