A company is paying meat-eaters £2,000 to go vegan for a month

Read Time:   |  5th August 2020

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A vegan research company is offering to pay meat eaters £2,000 each to go vegan for a month to highlight the benefits of a vegan diet.

Vegan research company VeganLiftz.com is looking for ‘self-professed carnivores’ to go vegan for a month so they can examine the real-life effects a vegan diet has on a person’s health and fitness.

The company recently conducted a survey of 4,620 Brits to discover the top meat-eating cities in the UK, and are now offering three of the countries top meat-lovers £2,000 each to go vegan for 30 days.

Anyone interested in applying must live in Newcastle, Glasgow, Birmingham, Liverpool or London – as these cities were found to have the most meat-eaters in the country.

VeganLiftz.com will create case studies using the candidate’s experiences, which they will log throughout the month, of how eating a vegan diet has impacted their health and fitness, including any drawbacks they encounter.

To ensure they are eating an optimum vegan diet, the applicants will be provided with a diet plan to refer to and will be given a fitness check before and after.

So that any physical changes can be recorded, the applicants will be asked to take photographs of themselves during the month.

Applicants must be aged 18 to 60 years old, have no underlying health conditions, such as diabetes, obesity, or hyperthyroidism, and are required to have eaten a meat-heavy diet consistently for at least a year prior.

In a statement, Jason Hughes, founder of VeganLiftz.com, said: “Our main aim at VeganLiftz.com is to debunk any myths out there around veganism and help our community educate themselves on a plant-based lifestyle.

“As such, we are always looking to demonstrate the real-life effects being vegan has on a person’s health and fitness – it’s important to us that the case studies we produce from our latest recruits are honest, relatable and informative, and both negatives and positives are reported on so people can make an informed decision on whether veganism is right for them, and how best to implement it.”

Apply for the job via the VeganLiftz website at veganliftz.com/get-paid-to-go-vegan-uk

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