‘First of its kind’ UK company is developing vegan meat made from potatoes

Read Time:   |  15th July 2021

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A UK company is set to transform the plant protein industry after it developed a technique to create vegan meat using potato protein


UK potato supplier Branston is creating a new factory dedicated to transforming potatoes into plant-based protein.

The £6 million facility will extract high-grade plant protein from potatoes, using potatoes from Branston’s supply.

Right now, Branston supplies potatoes in fresh or prepared formats such as ready-made potato fries. However, the company wanted to find more uses for its potato crops.

Moreover, Branston aims to provide 100% plant-based protein for companies in the vegan food industry.

The high-grade potato protein can be used for clean label, low ingredient plant-based products.

Branston's potato foo supply set to revolutionise the plant protein industry

Branston's potato foo supply set to revolutionise the plant protein industry


Potato protein

Branston’s £6 million facility is being built with agritech startup B-hive Innovations and is dubbed as the first of its kind in the country.

Branston’s Managing Director, Richard Fell, said: “Most people are aware of potato starch and fibre in potatoes, but they don’t consider the highly nutritious protein fraction.”

Fell explained that the collaboration with B-hive will provide technology that can gently extract high-grade protein from the potatoes.

In addition, Fell highlighted: “We have the potential to meet the growing requirements from food manufacturers for 100% plant-based protein that is free from allergens and is fully traceable from our UK grown crops.”


Plant protein source

Soy has dominated the plant protein industry for years, becoming an essential addition to a vegan and veggie diet.

Additionally, consuming lentils, pulses, and legumes is an excellent way to introduce natural and clean protein into your diet.

The rise of the vegan movement has contributed to new and exciting sources of plant protein being discovered.

As a result, the vegan meat industry has flourished, creating realistic textures and flavours without harming animals.

We are so excited for the future of Branston’s potato protein venture.

We hope this move encourages the food industry to get creative and ethical with how they source protein.

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