Co-op to expand their vegan wine range to include 100 products by the end of 2018

Read Time:   |  8th January 2018

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The Co-op supermarket, who is known for its commitment to providing consumers with fairtrade products, is keen to work closely with winemakers to offer their customers a wide range of vegan-friendly wines. 

co-op vegan wine

Co-op to expand their vegan wine range to include 100 products by the end of 2018

Fining and Filtration

Many people are often surprised to learn that not all wine is vegan, thanks to the fining and filtration process that wines and beers go through to make them crystal clear. Historically fining agents would range from animal blood to isinglass (a substance obtained from the dried swim bladders of fish, who on earth discovered that?), but now egg whites are the most commonly used.

Now a new generation of animal-free agents made from peas and even potatoes are finding popularity, and favoured by the Co-op along with other vegan-friendly options including carbon and clay-based agents, and the Co-op has been working with winemakers across the world to develop a wider range of vegan-friendly “fining” agents used to filter wines.

co-op vegan wine

The company has announced plans to expand the vegan wine range they offer to include 100 options by the end of 2018. Customers won’t have to wait long to try them for themselves as eight of these will launch in February, just in time for to celebrate the end of Veganuary and Dry January.

Category trading manager for Co-op wines, Simon Cairns stated:

“We are anticipating vegan wines to pick up momentum throughout 2018, so our range will be expanding throughout the year and we will continue to challenge suppliers to make wines vegan where they can without affecting the attributes of the liquid.”

In October last year Majestic Wines – which stocks 32 vegan-friendly wines on a dedicated online section – relaunched its website, price tickets and labelling, adding vegan and vegetarian symbols.

Don’t forget to check Barnivore to make sure your favourite tipple is vegan-friendly.

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