Chef Gizzi Erskine to open healthy vegan ‘junk food’ restaurant

Read Time:   |  15th November 2017

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TV chef Gizzi Erskine is on a mission to make the “Happy Meal” even happier with the launch of “healthy food for hedonists” pop-up, which will be opening permanently in 2018. 

Chef Gizzi Erskine to open healthy vegan 'junk food' restaurant

Last week award-winning, TV chef Gizzi Erskine and nutritionist Rosemary Ferguson announced the opening of their food popup, Pure Filth, at the Tate Modern art gallery.

The pair has also confirmed that they will be making their pop up a permanent fixture in an undisclosed location in 2018. This new plant-based eatery is set to be the first of three potential locations, with the second two not yet confirmed.

What’s on the menu?

Pure Filth’s plant-based menu at Tate Modern will feature the Pure Filth Happy Meal (a black bean burger in a beetroot bun served with a choice of sauces including spicy Bajan hot pepper sauce and korean spicy tofu mayo), milkshakes made with vegan’s favourite ice-cream, Booja-Booja, as well as a seasonal raw apple pie bar.

While the pop up hopes to satisfy junk food cravings, the food is deliberately made to be healthier than its animal-based alternatives. Erskine has ensured that the food is bursting with micronutrients, and every meal comes with a serving of vegetables and hearty proteins like black beans, black lentils, and black quinoa.

The burgers will be priced at around £9, and £20 will get you a ‘happy meal’ which includes a burger, salad, side, and drink.

Whilst Pure Filth aims to show how delicious plant-based food really is, Erskine says it’s about more than that. For her, it’s about “challenging the maxims that fast food cannot be healthy, and healthy food cannot taste great.”

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