Vegan Team GB boxer Cheavon Clarke promotes veganism ahead of Tokyo Olympics

Read Time:   |  20th July 2021

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Team GB boxer and vegan athlete Cheavon Clarke has showcased how delicious and healthy vegan food as he cooks up a 'peng' vegan meal for rapper Big Zuu


Team GB boxer Cheavon Clarke is on a mission to show how a vegan diet can help fuel sporting success ahead of the Tokyo Olympics.

Highlighting how easy it is to cook delicious and healthy vegan food, Cheavon cooked up a ‘peng’ meal with rapper Big Zuu.

In the video shared by the BBC, the vegan athlete and British rapper discuss vegan diets as they make a tasty Sweet Chilli Hot Pot with a vegan beef alternative.

The pair joke as they chop vegetables, with Cheavon playfully poking fun at Big Zuu’s interesting technique for slicing peppers!

The dynamic duo also discuss whether going vegan has had an impact on Cheavon’s sporting performance.

Speaking about the misconceptions surrounding plant-based diets, Cheavon explained: “There’s a myth that being a big athlete you can’t be vegan.

“I don’t agree because I’m still lifting the same numbers.”

The Game Changers

Like many people, Cheavon was first inspired to go vegan after watching The Game Changer’s documentary.

The film features some of the most elite athletes on the planet who follow a plant-based diet in order to power themselves through their tough training and competitions.

Discussing his transition to veganism in an interview with The Times, Cheavon said: “At GB Boxing I used to have chicken every single day, but when I was buying one, the breast had a needle hole in it and there was a white vein hanging out of it.

“I knew it wasn’t supposed to look like that and after it happened three or four times I said I was done with chicken.”


Despite jibes from his teammates that he could never go vegan, the gruesome experience prompted Cheavon to quit eating meat on the spot.

He added: “The boys said I’d never stop eating it but I watched The Game Changers and I was done, I literally stopped eating chicken and meat.”

‘People get confused with seasoning and what meat tastes like’

Going vegan was a natural step for the Jamaican born sporting star.

Traditionally, Rastafarians follow an ital diet which is a natural diet free from additives, chemicals, and most meats, with many choosing to eat an entirely vegan diet.

“In Jamaica, the Rastafarian community doesn’t eat meat, they’re basically vegan and they live off the land so it was easy for me,” Cheavon explained.

“You season your food the same way; people get confused with seasoning and what meat tastes like. If you cook meat without seasoning it, you won’t like it.

“The nutritionist has spoken to me about it and he’s made his point but I haven’t felt any difference in my performance.”

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