Terrifying floods in Canada leave thousands of farm animals dead and stranded

Author: Molly Pickering

Read Time:   |  19th November 2021

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Following the disastrous floods in Canada, a frantic rescue mission is underway to save many submerged farm animals while thousands tragically die

Thousands of farm animals have tragically died following severe flooding and mudslides in western Canada, British Columbia.

The Pacific North-West Storm ruined Canada’s major agriculture hub leaving hundreds of agricultural farms submerged underwater.

Many animals are still stranded and are in critical need of food and warmth. One person has lost their life while the death toll is expected to rise.

Further, it is reported that a month’s worth of rain fell in just two days in parts of the Country.

Canada floods

Canada’s most intensively farmed area, Abbotsford, was hit the hardest by torrential flooding.

Abbotsford is home to more than a thousand farms and supplies half of the dairy, eggs and poultry consumed by British Columbia’s 5.2 million residents.

Tragic aerial footage shows many barns partly submerged by the flooding.

The Mayor of Abbotsford, Henry Braun, has said praised the farmer’s effort to rescue the farm animals.

Despite raising the animals for slaughter, Braun said: “Many [farmers] would give their lives for their animals”

Additionally, Braun said that barns that housed millions of poultry birds were not “looked like they were half full of water.

“I can’t imagine that there are any birds left alive, but we don’t have those numbers.”

Agriculture Minister for British Columbia, Lana Popham, has declared the events as an “agricultural disaster”.

In a news conference, Popham said: “This is an especially difficult time for livestock producers.

“We have thousands of animals that have perished and we have many, many more that are in difficult situations and we’re seeing an animal welfare issue develop.”

Popham explained that veterinarians were being sent to help the stranded farm animals, although euthanasia is expected.


Animal agriculture and climate change

This year we have witnessed hundreds of countries experience severe and catastrophic weather conditions caused by global warming.

While governments focus on reducing fossil fuel usage to fight against the climate crisis, many are still ignoring animal agriculture effect on the planet.

It is reported that the world’s leading livestock producers emit more greenhouse gases than Britain, France, or Germany.

We can no longer ignore the alarming evidence, we must rethink our food systems and embrace a plant-based diet in order to save the planet.

Feeling anxious about the planet? You’re not alone!

Explore how to channel your eco-anxiety for the better.

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