Cadbury’s Bournville is not suitable for vegans following recipe change

Read Time:   |  12th July 2021

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Cadbury's Bournville chocolate is no longer suitable for vegans following the company’s controversial move to add milk powder to its iconic accidentally vegan product


Cadbury has left its customers frustrated after shoppers discovered the brand’s Bournville Giant Buttons were no longer suitable for vegans.

The controversial news broke online after customers noticed supermarkets had updated the Bournville buttons ingredients list.

Skimmed milk powder is now an active ingredient in the brands iconic accidentally vegan product.

Moreover, the latest news has left customers questioning whether the entire Bournville range will soon follow suite.

Accidental vegan chocolate

For years, Cadbury’s Bournville has been the go-to chocolate for vegans in need of a sweet treat.

Cadbury currently offers a number of accidentally vegan products, including dairy-free chocolate bars, coco powder, chocolate fingers, and the
controversial giant buttons.

Over the weekend, Accidentally Vegan UK shared the disappointing news on its Instagram account.

Voicing their disappointment, they wrote: “WARNING! Cadbury Bournville buttons are no longer vegan!

“Supermarket websites have updated the recipe which now contains milk powder.”

Furthermore, Cadbury’s website is yet to update the recipe, with the product still labelled as dairy-free.



Public response

Obviously, dairy-free Bournville fans were left confused and frustrated by the latest news.

Many took to the comments question Cadbury, each one wondering why the company has decided to take this backwards step.

One follower commented: “These were great because you could buy them everywhere, even my little corner shop sell them.”

Another joked: “The milk powder obsession strikes again!”

Amongst the anger, Bournville fans wondered if the recipe update from Cadbury will lead to the company releasing a vegan product.

One follower added: “Call me cynical but I feel like they do this so that they can release an exclusively vegan product and charge twice as much”.

Whatever Cadbury has in store, we can’t help but feel disappointed by its decision to add milk powder to the brand’s vegan friendly product.

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