Burger King Germany vows to ‘revolutionise’ fast food by offering plant-based version of almost every burger

Read Time:   |  28th July 2022

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The move follows the recent success of Burger King's entirely meat-free restaurant launching in Germany last month for a four day trial


We may think that the UK is doing well for vegan options at Burger King, but Burger King Germany is set to offer a plant-based version of almost every burger on its menu in hundreds of its restaurants.

The food giant vows to “revolutionise” fast-food by providing plant-based patties as alternatives for the majority of its menu’s offerings.

It follows the recent success of the first-ever meat-free German Burger King that opened for four days last month. Customers had a wide choice of vegan-friendly options from vegan burgers to not-chicken nuggets thanks to the company’s ongoing collaboration with The Vegetarian Butcher.

‘Plant-based works with fast food’

“Supermarkets have long been full of plant-based substitutes and more than half of the people in Germany eat flexitarian food,” said the chain’s Director of Marketing Klaus Schmäing.

“Plant-based works with fast food; we have been proving this time and time again since 1997. And today, it’s us to take a groundbreaking step that will transform the industry.”

Burger King is introducing new vegan options to hundreds of its branches in Germany, and it's not stopping at burgers

Burger King is introducing new vegan options to hundreds of its branches in Germany, and it's not stopping at burgers


Vegan options at Burger King

The Vegetarian Butcher has been working with Burger King over the years to develop and expand the chain’s plant-based menu.

The partnership has resulted in Burger King stores across the world such as Mexico, China, and the UK, offering plant-based food. These include vegan-certified versions of its iconic Vegan Royale sandwich.

CEO Alasdair Murdoch even went as far as saying that vegan demand would “ultimately” result in less meat products being created.

He added: “Over time… The amount of beef that we are selling as a proportion of our total sales is reducing”.

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