A British brand is about to launch the UK’s first ever plant-based ‘bleeding’ burger

Read Time:   |  18th December 2017

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Meet Moving Mountains®, a British brand who are keen to lead plant-based innovation as they launch the UK’s first ever meatless raw ‘bleeding’ burger into supermarkets and restaurants in early 2018.

A British brand is about to launch the UK's first ever plant-based 'bleeding' burger

A team of leading UK scientists, chefs and farmers have spent more than two years in a lab and over 100 test-kitchen recipes to create the final Moving Mountains B12 burger, a plant-based burger that looks, tastes and even ‘bleeds’ like a traditional burger in order to entice even the most commited of carnivores.

Environmental impact 

The future of eating well for health and for the planet, Moving Mountains’ plant-based meat requires less land, less water and produces less greenhouse emissions than animal meat. It looks, smells and tastes surprisingly similar to meat, so it can be enjoyed 100% guilt-free by Brits.

Not a veggie burger, Moving Mountains allows Brits to bite into the future with an experience akin to animal meat, as the burger has been created with the aim of converting even the most committed carnivores as they realise they won’t have to miss out on meaty meals.


Every Moving Mountains B12 burger is 100 percent raw plant meat, 0 percent cow and looks just like a regular patty.  When cooked in the pan or BBQ, it sizzles, smells and browns just like a traditional burger.  And just like a burger, the Moving Mountains B12 burger bleeds through the middle – with beetroot juice instead of animal blood.

By using simple and natural ingredients and incredible scientific processes, the burger aims to mimic the flavour and texture animal meat to encourage meat eaters to ditch the meat and opt for plant-based alternatives instead.

  • Coconut oil provides a fatty, satisfying consistency
  • Wheat and soy proteins give a fibrous texture akin to the bite and depth of a traditional burger
  • Beetroot juice allows a juicy, ‘bleed’ at the centre of the patty
  • Potatoes provide a slightly crispy, grilled crust
  • Mushrooms maintain the mouth-watering, succulent texture
  • Vitamin B12, traditionally associated with red meats, has been added so that the Moving Mountains burger can genuinely compete with a beef burger and provide essential nutrients

The burger has zero cholesterol, 20g of plant protein, is vegan and free-from antibiotics and hormones. Seriously satisfying, the burger will quell comfort-food cravings, without the unpleasant meat hangover.

Simeon Van der Molen, Founder of Moving Mountains says:

“Moving Mountains is a British brand launching the UK’s first ever raw bleeding plant-based meat burger. This marks a huge leap in innovation for humanity and will allow consumers to bite into a future that is better for their health and the health of our planet. 

“Our 100 percent plant-based meat B12 Burger has taken scientists, chefs and farmers over two years to make and is the closest replication to animal meat in the UK, but requires less land, less water and produces less greenhouse emissions. 

“The environmental impact of the animal agriculture industry is becoming catastrophic and so it is essential that technological innovation keeps up to provide a real solution  for food that is sustainable but doesn’t compromise on taste, therefore providing a viable alternative for vegans, vegetarians and meat-eaters alike.” 

Moving Mountains B12 Burger will be available to UK consumers in 2018, when it launches nationwide at restaurants and retailers. Follow the brand on social media (@movingmountainsfoods) for the latest news and updates.

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