Brand new vegan nut-milk yoghurt brand launches in UK

Read Time:   |  10th January 2017

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Nush is claiming a UK-first with the launch of the country’s first nut milk yoghurts, made with sustainably harvested avola almonds.

The product is made by blending almonds, filtered water and live vegan probiotic cultures, and can be used as a direct swap for dairy yoghurt, according to the brand, which was established in December and aimed to “create a new category in Britain’s burgeoning dairy-free market”.

The almonds used to make their deliciously creamy, protein-rich are harvested sustainably in Sicily in a process that uses less water than the Californian equivalent. Further more the process also uses no pesticides or fertilisers, making them a great option for environmentally conscious consumers.

The range is available from this month at Whole Foods Market, Planet Organic and Ocado in four variants: Natural, Blueberry, Peach Melba and Caramel & Hibiscus (RRP: £1.95/125g). We will keep you updated as to when they will be available to purchase through Ocado!

“We launched Nush to bring a revolutionary offering to the dairyfree market,” said a spokeswoman for the brand. “With the introduction of the UK’s only range of nut milk yoghurts, we are tapping growing demand for highly nutritious, convenient and vegan offerings that can be enjoyed as a satisfying snack or a versatile kitchen staple to be used as a key recipe component.”

What’s in Nush’s nut-milk yoghurts?
  • NUSH Almond Milk Yoghurt, Blueberry (125g) – Live Almond Milk yoghurt (85%) almond milk (Almonds, Filtered water) Tapioca starch, Carob gum, Live Vegan Cultures, Blueberry puree (15%) (blueberries, fruit extract)
  • NUSH Almond Milk Yoghurt, Caramel And Hibiscus (125g) – Live Almond Milk yoghurt (80%) Almond milk (Almonds, Filtered water) Tapioca starch, Live Vegan Cultures, Carob gum, Fruit Extracts, Caramel and Hibiscus (20%) (Coconut sugar, coconut milk and hibiscus)
  • NUSH Almond Milk Yoghurt, Natural (125g) – Almond Milk (95%) (Almonds, Filtered water) Tapioca starch, Pectin, Inulin, Live Vegan Cultures
  • NUSH Almond Milk Yoghurt, Peach Melba (125g) – Almond Milk (95%) (Almonds, Filtered water) Tapioca starch, Pectin, Inulin, Live Vegan Cultures

For more information, please visit Nush’s Facebook page

Source: The Grocer

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