Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker went vegan after surviving a plane crash

Read Time:   |  24th March 2021

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Travis Barker has revealed his vegan daily diet to GQ magazine, after going vegan in 2008.


Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker has revealed his real-life vegan diet in a recent GQ interview.

The drummer got all the way into health after surviving a plane crash in 2008, and now he runs, boxes and practices Muay Thai in conjunction with his vegan lifestyle.

Travis revealed that he starts his day with an oat milk coffee and one of his own CBD products – Rise tincture.

As a busy musician, he admitted that he doesn’t eat lunch until around 2/3 pm, and he orders food from the vegan restaurant Crossroads. “It’s like a healthy bowl, with a lot of vegetables, and you can have the option to have an Impossible kebab in it” he explained.

The healthy drummer then snacks on walnuts or almonds until dinner, which he orders from Erewhon. “They have this beefless broccoli that I love with a side of Brussels sprouts and green beans.”

But he also admitted to loving Ripple chocolate milk – we all need balance, right?


Guilty pleasures

Although Travis is now a picture of health, he told GQ: “I love vegan pizza, I’ll also have vegan sushi, Vietnamese vegan food, a dear friend of mine owns this spot called Au Lac which is just so good.

“The other day we got Craig’s Vegan ice cream, so whenever that’s in the freezer it’s definitely tempting.”

Even the best of us can’t resist vegan pizza, sushi and ice cream!

Religious about water?

Something that Travis is certainly consistent about is drinking a gallon of water a day.

He explained to GQ, “It’s something that I’m almost religious about. I think it’s super important, and I feel like everything from digestion to not being dehydrated to the amount of food I won’t eat when I’m drinking the right amount—it’s super key to feeling my best.”

We can’t say it’s a religious thing, but drinking enough water is definitely important to us too!

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