Birkenstock has launched a vegan and cruelty-free skincare range

Read Time:   |  26th March 2018

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Birkenstock has debuted a brand new vegan and cruelty-free all-natural skincare range that boasts everything from cleansers and moisturisers, to serums, oils and exfoliators.

Birkenstock skincare range

Iconic German sandal-maker Birkenstock is delving into the world of beauty by offering consumers an all-natural skincare line.

The range also takes into account the needs of multiple skin types with five different variants. So whether your skin is crying out for moisture or you’re big on cleansing, you can take your pick from 5 different categories, including: Natural Moisture (‘freshness and elasticity’) Natural Shapes (‘deep cleansing and intensive care’), Natural Age Control (‘smooth and lift’), Natural Freshness and Natural Man.


All of the products in the range have one thing in common: they’re all developed with a very special active ingredient: suberin.

Suberin isn’t just responsible for comfy feet, but great skin, too, and is actually found within oak cork and is used on the sole of all of the brand’s footwear.

Whilst Birkenstock has been working with cork for years to create its comfy sandals, scientists have only recently discovered the complexion-perfecting effects of the cork extract.

According to the company: “The natural extract, obtained from the outer layers of cork oak, possesses highly effective anti-ageing properties. The multi-active cork oak complex that was developed as a result reduces skin redness, stimulates collagen formation and is effective against free radicals.”


According to Birkenstock, all of the products in the line boast vegan status and so contain no animal-based ingredients. The products are also not tested on animals giving them cruelty-free status.

‘Animal testing may not be carried out or commissioned either in the development or testing phase of products,’ says the brand.

Certified natural 

Not only are the products cruelty-free, they are also free from parabens, paraffin, silicone, PEGs, synthetic scents and colourants.


Birkenstock is not only focused on creating vegan and cruelty-free products, they’re also keen to ensure they are committed to using renewable resources and recyclable materials to create the range where possible.

According to the company: “For BIRKENSTOCK, health and quality are inseparably bound to a responsible treatment of nature, sustainable development and social responsibility. BIRKENSTOCK NATURAL SKIN CARE relies on renewable materials such as natural cork, as well as recyclable bottles and tubes. Secondary packaging is avoided as far as possible. An intelligent refill system also protects the earth’s natural resources.”

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