Biotech brand creates vegan casein that ‘fully replicates’ flavour and texture of dairy protein

Author: Maria Chiorando

Read Time:   |  2nd September 2023

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A Biotech brand has created vegan casein which it says fully replicates the taste and texture of traditional dairy protein.

US-based company Pureture, previously known as Armored Fresh, says its non-GMO plant-based casein can be used in a range of dairy alternatives including cheese and yoghurt among others.

Casein is described by the company as ‘a key component in animal-based dairy products, is a milk protein that creates a stable emulsion, preventing fat and water from separating, giving milk its smooth texture’.

The product, which is flavour-free and has no smell or colour, could play a role in replicating elements of traditional dairy in vegan cheese – which is often considered to be one of the plant-based products which has yet to truly match its animal-based counterpart.

According to a press release, Pureture has ‘successfully recreated casein using yeast-based, fully plant-based materials that offer comparable functionality to milk, a better taste and nutrition panel, and sustainable and lower-priced ingredients’.

Under the name Armored Fresh, Pureture made convincing plant-based cheese from fermented almond milk. Photo courtesy of @armoredfresh via Instagram

Under the name Armored Fresh, Pureture made convincing plant-based cheese from fermented almond milk. Photo courtesy of @armoredfresh via Instagram

Plant-based casein

In the statement, Rudy Yoo, founder and CEO of Pureture, said: “At Pureture, we’re laser focused on developing materials and technologies for essential food changes that will provide us with a richer and long-lasting food culture.

“With this new innovation, we’re thrilled to introduce a product that ensures the joy of dairy flavor and texture remains, while delivering a cleaner label and contributing to a more sustainable future.”

In addition, the company says it can price its casein at a lower cost than the market average due to its proprietary technology, and method of production,

Puretech now has plans to collaborate with major dairy companies to ‘co-brand its plant-based casein and partner with global ingredients vendors to expand its usage’.

“Assisting corporations in the transition to plant-based casein goes beyond the product and includes revolutionising label transparency,” the company revealed in its statement.

“Pureture believes clean labels featuring unaltered and untouched proteins with plant-based alternatives is the future of food.”

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