Biff’s sells out of its vegan junk food tasting menu in just 48 hours

Read Time:   |  15th February 2021

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London-based vegan restaurant Biff's has created the 'world's first' vegan junk food tasting menu, and it sold out in just 48 hours.


Iconic jackfruit innovators Biff’s have launched the ‘world’s first’ vegan junk food tasting menu. The catch is, it sold out in just 48 hours!

The kit includes five courses of ‘super-indulgent’ vegan junk food, curated from jackfruit, and is a collaboration with Restaurant Kits. The concept has been described as ‘naughty cuisine meets haute cuisine mash-up’ and will take the customer on a ‘journey through vegan indulgence’. What could be better than that?

Despite selling out so quickly, the Biff’s team are working away on re-stocking for new orders this week, so more meat-free fans can try out the new menu.

But what are these five courses I hear you ask? Well, let us take you on the Biff’s journey.

Hors d’oeuvre: K-Pop Dog
A smoked tofu hot dog and gooey cheeze enveloped in a light fermented dough batter and fried, with gochujang mayonnaise, torn coriander, and optional sugar dust, inspired by South Korea’s gamja-hotdogs.

Entrée: Bourbon Glazed Ribs
Twice-baked pea and jackfruit ribs glazed in bourbon BBQ jus, served with a creamy slaw of carrot, red, and white cabbage.

Relevés: Aile de Crispy Fried Jackfruit
Braised jackfruit on a sugarcane ‘bone’ encased in a panko crumb, served with buffalo hot sauce, ranch dressing and spring onion.


Main: Double Biffburger Slider with Molten Cheeze and Bacun Volcano
Two smashed Biffburger™ patties, on a bed of lettuce and burger sauce, served in a brioche bun and finished with a molten cheeze lava and bacun crumb.

Entremet: Vanilla and Limoncello Cheesecake
Rich vanilla cheesecake on a light biscuit base, with a boozy limoncello coulis – to share.

If you aren’t drooling after reading through that menu, we think there must be something wrong with you.

‘The joys of indulgence’

Speaking to Vegconomist, Biff’s Co-founder Biff Bloom-Burrows said: “Biff’s mission is to make amazing and unique experiences food that just happens to be vegan – so we decided to create something different from a regular meal kit to bring a bit of fun into lockdown.

“It’s all about celebrating the joys of indulgence but also thinking outside the (cardboard burger) box. We want to create something that looks pretty but still tastes naughty- there’s no reason plant-based food can’t be both!”

You can purchase Biff’s vegan junk food tasting menu when it is back in stock here, priced at £45 for two. 

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