Biff's Jack Shack is launching its vegan burgers and wings in 100 UK pubs

Biff’s Jack Shack is launching its vegan burgers and wings in 100 UK pubs

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Biff’s Jack Shack is making plants mainstream as it launches its signature vegan patties and wingz in 100 pubs and bars around the UK. 

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Vegan junk food pioneers Biff’s Jack Shack are launching their signature Crispy Fried Jackfruit Patties and Wingz at 100 pubs and bars across the country.

The company, who recently partnered with BrewDog to offer a mouth-watering vegan menu at its brand new all-vegan pub in London, are now making their tempting products mainstream with the new venture.

Taking to Instagram to announce the news, the company wrote: “You know our mission is to change the world one burger at a time. And we can’t do that out of Hackney alone. ⁣

“So we are SUPER excited to announce you can now get Biff’s-brand Crispy Fried Jackfruit patties and wingz at 100 pubs and bars across the WHOLE DAMN COUNTRY. ⁣

“When we started Biff’s we wanted to make plants mainstream: we wanted to see a world that, wherever you are, from Berwick to Cornwall, you can access banging #veganAF food without compromise. And by partnering with our first 100 joints across England and Wales we’re starting to make that happen. We’re calling it the #jackfruitrevolution, but you can call it just the beginning.”

Check out the map to find your nearest joint serving Biff’s Jack Shack’s plant-based patties and wings here

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