Rapper Azealia Banks says vegan diet is the ‘best beauty hack ever’

Read Time:   |  23rd November 2020

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Azealia Banks has taken to Instagram to rave about transformations in her skin, mood and energy thanks to a vegan diet.


Outspoken American rapper Azealia Banks has declared to her 650,000 Instagram followers that a vegan diet is ‘the best beauty hack ever’. In a series of videos posted to her highlights, the 29-year-old raved about transformations she has seen in her skin, mood and energy.

Banks claimed her lips are pinker, her blemishes are vanishing, and she ‘feels so beautiful’ as a result of her diet change.

‘I’m really in love with myself’

Banks proclaimed: “The longer I do it, the more changes I’m starting to see.

“I started to feel the changes in my levels of tiredness and aggression, but now I’m starting to see the changes on the outside and really feel the changes within.

“Emotionally, I am really in love with myself right now. I’m not having these self-defeating thoughts all day.”


Vegans in rap

While Azealia Banks is apparently now plant-based, she isn’t vegan. The rapper has not commented on ditching animal products for any reason other than her health so it is safe to assume she isn’t following a completely vegan lifestyle.

However, grime rapper JME has been a committed vegan since 2012. He insists that we don’t need to eat animals to be healthy, and ‘there’s no downside’.

“One thing that stands out to me is that veganism is normal. When I went vegan, it was…a thing. Now, veganism is just normal. It’s easier to exist…which is good. It was scary when it was a thing.” JME told Plant Based News.

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