Australia passes bill to ban animal testing on cosmetics

Read Time:   |  19th February 2019

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The Australian government has passed a bill banning cosmetic animal testing in Australia in a move that will save thousands of animals each year from unnecessary suffering. 

australia bans animal testing

This week, Australia’s Senate has passed the Industrial Chemicals Bill 2017, which effectively bans cosmetic animal testing nationwide and saves thousands of animals a year saved from the cruelty of animal testing.

The Government’s Industrial Chemicals Bills 2017 includes measures to prohibit reliance on new animal test data for chemicals introduced into Australia for use as ingredients in cosmetics.

According to the official press release: “The Australian Government has committed to 11 substantial reinforcing measures to ensure that all cosmetic ingredients are captured by the ban, together with funding to support the development and uptake of modern non-animal test methods. The bill also includes measures to prohibit reliance on new animal test data for chemicals introduced into Australia for use as ingredients in cosmetics.”

australia bans animal testing

#BeCrueltyFree Australia

The bill was first introduced by the House of Representatives in June 2017 and supported by animal-rights group Humane Society International (HSI).

Hannah Stuart, HSI Campaign Manager for #BeCrueltyFree Australia, said they are pleased to welcome this landmark decision. In a statement, Stuart said: “This week’s commitments by the Government to further restrict the use of new animal test data for cosmetic uses, and to reduce reliance on animal testing more broadly as well, come as a product of nearly three years of intensive negotiations with Humane Society International.

“Paired with the Government’s additional commitments to HSI, this ban reflects both the global trend to end cosmetics cruelty, and the will of the Australian public which opposes using animals in the development of cosmetics.

“We thank the Government for showing leadership on this important issue, and HSI will continue to work with them to implement the commitments and enforce a robust ban.

“This is a huge win for animals, consumers and science.”

Animal Testing Ban

Australia joins the likes of BrusselsCanada, California, New York and Switzerland in banning animal testing for cosmetics.

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