Australia will open its first 100% vegan preschool this year

Read Time:   |  2nd February 2021

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Australia will open its first 100% vegan preschool this year, Sustainable Play Preschool, to 'weave sustainable and ethical practices' into children's lives.


The first 100% vegan preschool, Sustainable Play Preschool, will open in Barnsley, NSW, Australia later this year for children aged 3-5.

The new innovative preschool will “provide delicious plant-based food and encourage playful learning in an environment surrounded by sustainable, conservationist practices.”

This is part of a wider goal to ‘weave sustainable and ethical practices’ into Australia’s children’s lives.

On the menu, you can find fruit platters, vibrant smoothies, baked tofu mac n cheese, banana ‘ice-cream’ and even carrot and courgette muffins. The preschool will also offer gluten-free and soy-free alternatives for children with allergies, while still maintaining excellent nutritional content.

According to Sustainable Play, “Children rely on the right balance of nutrients for healthy growth and development.

“Sustainable Play Preschool recognises the importance of good nutrition for kids. Reflecting this, we will provide healthy, local, plant-based food, made fresh daily onsite.”


Learning about sustainability

Aside from eating a more planet-friendly diet, the children at Sustainable Play Preschool will also be taught a curriculum which focuses on sustainable practices. These will include supporting local businesses, growing vegetable gardens, and collecting rainwater.

Moreover, they will also learn about harvesting, preparing, cooking and composting food, so they are familiar with growing their own plant foods and preventing waste in the future.

Sustainable Play’s vision statement reads: “We envision a world where children grow aware of sustainable practices and animal ethics, advocating for the environmental health of our planet in a responsible and empowered way.

“Children are the future, and as the global need for sustainable development increases, as does the need to implement sustainability into children’s education.”

We’d love to see something like this open in the UK!

Sustainable Play Preschool is hosting open days on February 6th and 20th, with admissions open online now. 

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