Asda encourages shoppers to take their 7-day vegan challenge

Read Time:   |  6th September 2017

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Asda UK has published a seven-day guide to eating vegan with tips, advice, and recipes to encourage shoppers to cut down on their meat and dairy consumption. 

Asda encourages shoppers to take their 7-day vegan challenge

In the September issue of Asda Good Living Magazine, supermarket chain Asda published a feature titled “7 Day Vegan Challenge”, which includes tips, advice, and recipes for readers who want to adopt a plant-based diet.

Additionally, Asda chef Andrew Johnson took the seven-day challenge himself and offers readers insight on how he removed animal products from his diet, along with recipes for plant-based dishes such as ratatouille and a delicious-sounding sweet potato, chickpea and cauliflower curry.

Lizzy Massey, Asda Own Brand’s VP said: “Our customers are at the heart of everything we do and we know that they have different needs and demands from our products. That is why we have listened to feedback from our customers and are proud to put vegan labelling on our own brand products.”


On the whole the guide is a very positive introduction to those who are new to veganism, but as media outlet LiveKindly pointed out, there are a couple of inaccuracies that are important to note.

On “Day 5”, Chef Anthony says he was informed that Cheerios are fortified with B-12, which he states makes them unsuitable for vegans. In fact, B-12 is not an animal byproduct, but is a bacteria found in the ground that is more commonly found in animal based foods as most livestock are fortified with B12.

Anthony also stated that “most beers aren’t vegan”, which is misleading as this is not the case as many are suitable for vegans. To find out whether your favourite tipple is suitable for vegans, you can use the handy Barnivore app.

Asda commits to using the official Vegan Trademark

Asda continues to capitalise on the growing trend of people choosing a vegan diet in Britain—which, according to The Vegan Society, increased by 360 percent since 2006. Earlier this year, Asda even became the very first supermarket to commit to using the official ‘Vegan’ trademark to help make shopping for vegan products easier for their vegan customers.

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