Arnold Schwarzenegger urges everyone to stay home and eat vegan food

Read Time:   |  18th March 2020

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Arnold Schwarzenegger has urged people to self isolate and enjoy vegan food at home during the coronavirus outbreak.


Hollywood star and plant-based diet promoter, Arnold Schwarzenegger, has encouraged his followers in a recent Instagram video to stay home and eat vegan food in order to stay safe during the coronavirus outbreak.

Accompanied by his pet donkeys, Whiskey and Lulu, Arnold urges his 19.7 million followers to ‘stay at home’ following instructions from the Californian government to isolate themselves during the outbreak.

Arnold captions the clip with, ‘Stay home as much as possible. Listen to the experts, ignore the morons (foreheards)’.

In the clip, he is heard saying as he feeds his donkeys, “Here is Whisky and Lulu. Lulu loves carrots, Whisky loves carrots. I just had my little bit of vegan food.”

He goes on to say: “See that is what we do. We don’t go out, we don’t go to the restaurants, we don’t do anything like that. We just eat with Whisky and Lulu have a good time and be entertained and we have a good time eating here together! You stay home.”

Arnold Schwarzenegger has been championing a vegan lifestyle and was recently involved in creating the widely successful vegan documentary The Game Changers. He has spoken previously about how he used to enjoy a meat and dairy-filled diet but soon began to realise you don’t need to get your protein from animals and now thrives on a meat and dairy-free diet.

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