Alpro launches decadent vegan chocolate and pistachio mousses

Read Time:   |  4th March 2021

Alpro has launched two new indulgent vegan chocolate mousse flavours - pistachio and almond.

Searching for the ultimate vegan chocolate indulgence? Stop right there!

Alpro has launched two decadent vegan chocolate mousse flavours with a nutty twist which are guaranteed to hit that sweet spot.

Choose from Alpro Double Chocolate Mousse with Almond for a rich chocolate ganache layered with nutty almond chocolate mousse, or the vibrant green Alpro Pistachio Mousse perched on a chocolate ganache base.

Both mousses provide two layers of decadence, meaning you can feel totally luxurious while sticking to a plant-based diet.

And if that wasn’t enough, the mousses are made with sustainably sourced Rainforest Alliance Certified cocoa, and packaged in 100% recyclable pots, so they’re planet-friendly too.

Alpro Double Chocolate Mousse with Almond and Alpro Pistachio Mousse are available in twin packs from Tesco stores now, priced at £2.00.

The hype is real

Excited Instagram users gushed on social media:

“The best flavour! There’s not enough pistachio flavoured things around!”

“OH wow, I’ve never seen these before! they look amaaazing!”

“Omg omg omg all I ever want is vegan pistachio goodies!!!!”

“Didn’t realise how much I needed these until I saw them.”

We aren’t going to lie, we’re VERY excited too!

Alpro against the dairy-free ban

Aside from bringing us delicious dairy-free and plant-based treats, Alpro is fighting with ProVeg International to overturn the EU plant-based dairy ban.

This ban could see dairy alternatives such as vegan milk, butter, yoghurts, ice-cream and desserts censored on the basis that they ‘confuse’ consumers.

Writing on Instagram, Alpro said: “Time to shout out for plant-based! We’re standing next to WWF, ENSA and other like-minded planet lovers standing up against Amendment 171.

“If the EU accepts it, we’ll be banned from calling our drinks ‘plant-based alternatives to dairy’, telling you they’re dairy-free or using any dairy words at all. We may not even be allowed to show them being poured into a glass. That’s excessive!

“So please post, tweet and share, show our partners you care. Your planet needs plant-based to thrive like never before!”

Click here to sign the ProVeg petition to stop the plant-based dairy ban.

Are you a feminist who still drinks dairy? 
This is why you need to quit.

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