A vegan Chinese restaurant has launched plant-based caviar, devilled eggs and sashimi

Read Time:   |  5th June 2018

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London’s first all-vegan Chinese restaurant, Mao Chow, has added innovative delicacies such as vegan caviar, vegan deviled eggs, ‘lamb’ flat wrap, ‘blood’ sausage, red braised ‘pork’, and sashimi to the menu.

mao chow vegan sashimi

London’s first all-vegan Chinese restaurant, Mao Chow, describes itself as ‘inauthentic Chinese food, plant-based’, and has a short but sweet menu, full of delicious dishes.

The eatery recently moved from Pamela back to Behind This Wall in Hackney, where it used to run as a pop-up, and they have some delicious new items on the menu for diners to try.

The new items on the menu include innovative delicacies such as vegan caviar, which is made from smoked carrot juice and kelp, vegan deviled eggs, lamb flat wrap, blood sausage, red braised pork, and sashimi.

Plant-based sashimi 

While traditional sashimi consists of slices of rare meat or raw fish, the vegan version at Mao Chaw is made entirely from plants. To create the dish, the restaurant uses watermelon to create a product with a juicy, and surprisingly meaty, texture.

mao chow vegan sashimi

Speaking to the Metro about how they use the fruit to create the sashimi, owner Julia Denis said: “We vacuum pack the watermelon to collapse the cells which adds a dense texture to the watermelon flesh.

“We then freeze, thaw and brine the watermelon to finally achieve the desired texture and flavour.”

Vegan egg

Explaining the process they use to create their realistic vegan eggs, owner Julian said: “The egg white is made from soy milk and black salt and then set with agar.

“The egg yolk is made using a technique called reverse spherification. The yolk consists of yeast flakes, black salt and sodium alginate. It’s placed in a mould and then frozen.

“Once frozen, the yolk is then placed in a calcium chloride bath to form a membrane around the yolk when sodium alginate and calcium chloride interact.”

mao chow vegan sashimi


You can find Mao Chaw at their new residency at Behind The Wall 411 Mare Street, London, E8 1HY from June 7th.

The eatery is open Thursday – Saturday, 6pm – 10pm.


Image credit: Mao Chow 

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