A new vegan restaurant has opened in Folkestone that’s already converting meat-eaters

Read Time:   |  13th June 2018

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A new restaurant specialising in vegan dishes has opened in Folkestone town centre, and owners say it’s already turning meat eaters’ heads thanks to its meaty seitan dishes. 

vegan restaurant folkestone

A new vegan eatery, Sister Seitan, is bringing indulgent, protein loaded and affordable vegan food to the Folkestone masses.

The vegan eatery began life in a tiny home kitchen when co-owner Renata Brightman began by feeding seitan to her meat eater friends and neighbours – who instantly ‘went crazy’ for it. She then joined forces with Samantha Fairclough after meeting her at events on Folkestone’s vegan food scene.

Speaking to media outlet Kent Live about their decision to open the vegan venue, Renata said: “Due to the fantastic reactions, I did a pop up in the middle of winter and it surprisingly sold out, as did the next one and the one after that.

“We found each other through mutual friends on the thriving Folkestone vegan scene and teamed up soon after. With Sam’s experience and expertise in the field, we were able to quickly find our niche and work towards making our burgers as flavourful and delicious as we could.

“Over the last six months Sister Seitan has worked very hard in and out of the kitchen and word has spread through social media, so the movement towards our own space has been a logical progression.”

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Curious carnivores 

It’s not just vegans who are frequenting the new vegan eatery, as many curious carnivores have been trying out the menu for themselves – and have been surprised by how much they loved the food.

Renata commented: “The reaction from everyone so far has been ‘I’m not vegan but that was a fantastic burger’ – but those aren’t mutually exclusive things.

“Even this Sunday just gone, a lady commented that she brought along her parents who reluctantly tried half a Seitan doner kebab, and as they enjoyed the flavour so much they ordered another one each.

“It feels good when people love our food, as we put so much effort into it. It’s wonderful hearing that ‘yum’ moment when people eat in, which is why we are adamant on making as much as possible from scratch.

“When you order a Sister Seitan burger, we have made the buns, the mayonnaise, the seitan, and the cheese sauce – we don’t have the space to currently grow our own lettuce, and cucumbers to pickle, nor to milk the soybeans, but hey, perhaps that’s a goal for the future.”

vegan restaurant folkestone


Sister Seitan is located at 10 Rendezvous St, Folkestone CT20 1EX.

The eatery is open seven days a week for breakfast and lunch, and they have big plans to open into the evenings during the Summer Holidays.

You can find out more about Sister Seitan on their website or Facebook page . Alternatively you can follow them on Instagram and Twitter @sisterseitan.

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