A vegan bistro serving up everything from loaded fries to cocktails has opened in North Wales

Read Time:   |  19th June 2019

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A vegan eatery, Phoenix Bistro, has opened in Llangollen in North Wales. 

vegan bistro north wales

Llangollen is now home to a vegan bistro thanks to owner Fern Evans who recently turned vegan herself and previously ran the Fat Cat in Wrexahm.

Evans is welcoming customers from far and wide to Llangollen’s new vegan bistro, Phoenix Bistro, which offers up an array of comforting and homely dishes, all cooked by Evans.

Speaking to The Free Press about her decision to open a vegan eatery, Evans explained: “I have always enjoyed vegetarian dishes and could never understand why there wasn’t much choice for vegetarians or vegans in most eateries.

“After experimenting with different dishes and learning a lot more about vegan food, I decided to open a café within my bar that would serve only vegan dishes and give vegetarians and vegans somewhere to go where they could be spoilt for choice and not only be offered one dish to eat!”

vegan bistro north wales

Evans is keen for her food to be decadent and inclusive to tempt everyone from vegans to non-vegans to give it a try.

“When you mention vegan food, people usually think you’re taking about Quorn or tofu but there is so much more to it,” she said. “I avoid meat substitutes as much as possible on the menu as I’m keen to get away from the idea that you have to pretend that you’re eating meat to enjoy it.

“There will be a few ‘trick’ dishes on the menu, such as crispy “duck” pancakes made from jackfruit, and mac ’n’ cheese that you’d never know was dairy free – but that’s just because sometimes vegans miss the tasty food that they used to eat as meat-eaters, and it’s nice to give them a cruelty-free alternative.

The menu includes tempting dishes such as a ‘posh sausage sarnie’ with sticky onions and spicy tomato chutney, nachos, Greek-inspired vegan mezze dishes and loaded fries. There are also cocktails available and live music to enjoy them with!

vegan bistro north wales

“This is more of a bistro rather than a full restaurant, with a completely vegan menu. I’m a cook rather than a trained chef and it fitted in with the relaxed feel. It’s all freshly prepared,” she explained to Business Live.

Phoenix Bistro joins the likes of other pubs who have ditched meat such as The Greener Man, The Carriage, The Chorlton Tap and London-based pubs including FullersThe Blacksmith and Toffeemaker and the Spread Eagle.

 Phoenix Bistro is now open on Chapel Street in Llangollen, North Wales.

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