A 100% vegan hair dressing salon is now open in Derby

Read Time:   |  18th February 2019

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Vegans in Derby can now get a cruelty-free coiffure as the city’s first 100% vegan hair salon is now open for business.

vegan hair salon derby

As all vegans know, animal-derived parts and ingredients can be found in all kinds of places you would never think to look. Along with toothpaste, perfume and fabric softener, there are many hair products including shampoos and conditioners that are not vegan.

According to PETA’s list of chemicals that contain animal products, there are over 20 potential animal-derived chemicals that can be found in your shampoo or conditioner.

Unfortunately, many of those chemicals can be derived from either plants or animals, making it difficult to determine exactly what you are buying. Keratin, for example, is a newer trend on the hair-care front. This chemical can be derived from hooves, animal hair, horns, scales and other keratinized animal parts.

This can make a trip to a hairdressing salon difficult for vegans as dedicated vegan salons are few and far between, for now.

However, vegans in Derby can now get a cruelty-free coiffure as the city’s first 100% vegan hair salon is now open for business on Ashbourne Road.

vegan hair salon derby

The salon uses vegan and cruelty-free products on its clients, and also has a range of vegan snacks and drinks on offer to give customers the full salon experience, minus the animal products.

The salon is also proud to say that even the furniture is vegan-friendly to ensure customers have an enjoyable experience knowing the salon is completely vegan.

Speaking to local news outlet Derbyshire Live, owner Ferne Alexandra said she was keen to open a cruelty-free salon to show that going to a vegan hairdresser “doesn’t mean compromising on quality”.

She added: “It was important for us to consider the whole environment. I am so proud of what we’ve achieved and can’t wait to welcome clients through the door.”

As well as haircuts, the salon is also offering a range of beauty and spiritual treatments including bridal makeup, teeth whitening, manicures, pedicures, massages and reiki.

Find Ferne Alexandra salon at 8 Ashbourne Rd, Derby DE22 3AA.

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