Meet the 5-year-old vegan activist urging people to take part in Veganuary

Author: Molly Pickering

Read Time:   |  17th January 2022

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5-year-old vegan activist and entrepreneur Harry Bidewell is urging others to reduce their meat and dairy consumption and take part in Veganuary

Harry Bidewell, 5, is urging people to ditch meat and dairy and take part in Veganuary.

The vegan activist, from Maidstone, took part in the vegan challenge last year and has stayed committed to a plant-based diet since.

In addition, Bidewell and his family run a not-for-profit vegan business named Vegan Squirrel.

Moreover, the child entrepreneur has received praise from the Veganuary co-founder Matthew Glover and Formula One champion Nico Rosberg.

5-year-old vegan activist

Harry began his plant-based journey at just 4-years-old.

His love for animals inspired him to take part in Veganuary and has since gone on to do incredible things for the vegan and animal welfare community.

Bidewell’s family vegan business, Vegan Squirrel, sells fresh carrot juice and promotes its ethos of “be kind, have fun”.

Profits from the business have been donated to animal charities including The Retreat Animal Rescue.

Speaking to Kent Online, Harry said: “I want to get the money for the planet. I want to save the planet and animals.”

Matthew Glover holding Vegan Squirrel Merchandise

Matthew Glover holding Vegan Squirrel Merchandise

“He points at the meat aisle and says ‘not kind’”

Harry’s parents, Mark and Jenna, are both vegan and help the young vegan activist with his admirable work.

In a statement, Mark shared what influenced the 5-year-old to take the vegan pledge, saying: “Harry’s always said it’s not kind eating animals even at a very early age.

“Whenever we go through the supermarket he points at the meat aisle and says ‘not kind’.

Mark added: “Although we have always protected him from anything graphic we have always been open with him about where food comes from.”

Bidewell admitted that while Harry enjoys Oreos, cakes and crisps like any other normal child, he loves tofu, tempeh, and colourful fruit and vegetables.

Veganuary spokesperson, Toni Vernell, shared: “We are delighted that Harry had such a great time during Veganuary.

“It just shows that veganism is for everyone, and it can change lives for the better whether that person is four or 94.”

We couldn’t agree more!

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