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LATEST Vegan News

Taco Bell debuts vegan nacho cheese sauce nationwide – but you’ll have to act quick

Taco Bell’s vegan nacho cheese sauce is launching across the States this month - but only for a limited time…

Beyond Meat vegan steak finally makes its UK debut – and it has over 20g of protein

Beyond Meat vegan steak strips were served at a prestigious food awards in the UK, and are now available for chefs and restaurants to order.


Margarine giant Flora makes its entire range of spreads 100% plant-based and palm oil free

Upfield’s Flora controversially added milk back into its famous spread back in 2020. Now, it says it’s committed to deliver a 100% vegan range

Sainsbury’s vegan Christmas range 2023: What’s on the menu?

Sainsbury's vegan Christmas range is here featuring new festive vegan mains and a luxury chocolate vegan torte.

Apparel giant behind Timberland, The North Face, Vans, Dickies, Supreme, JanSport vows to ditch cashmere on animal welfare grounds

Timberland, The North Face, Vans, Dickies, Supreme, and JanSport will all be ditching cashmere on animal welfare grounds.

Dutch dairy giant Boermarke announces plans to go fully plant-based as milk sales fall

Dutch dairy giant Boermarke has announced it will be turning its operations fully plant-based as vegan sales soar in the Netherlands.

Animal advocates celebrate as brewery Anheuser-Busch agrees to stop amputating tailbones of Budweiser Clydesdales horses

Animal advocates have claimed a victory after Anheuser-Busch InBev announced it will stop amputating Budweiser Clydesdales horses’ tailbones.

Cathedral City expands its plant-based range with two new vegan cheeses – here’s where to buy them

Cathedral City is expanding its plant-based range with two new vegan products, Extra Mature Block and Cheddar Flavour Spread.

Swiss government launches new climate strategy urging citizens to reduce meat consumption to help the planet

The Swiss government has launched a new climate strategy which aims to make its food system more sustainable and secure by 2050.

Landmark bill banning UK holiday firms from advertising cruel animal attractions abroad is made into law in ‘momentous’ move

A bill banning UK holiday firms from advertising cruel animal attractions featuring elephants and other species has been made into law.

Squeaky Bean launches new vegan ready meals including ‘protein-packed’ Teriyaki Duck dish – where to buy

Plant-based brand Squeaky Bean has unveiled two exciting new ready meals that will soon launch in a major UK supermarket…

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