Published On: Tue, Mar 19th, 2019

Huge Oatly mural encourages London to ‘Ditch Milk’

Oatly’s mission to turn the masses towards non-dairy options continues with their newest mural in Shoreditch, London.

oatly ditch milk

The striking advertisement for Oatly’s oat milk features a simple, black and white milk bottle outline containing the words ‘DITCH MILK’. At the bottom of the mural, passers-by are encouraged to ‘swap to oat drink and save 73 percent in CO2 emissions’.

This mural is the latest addition to Oatly’s campaign for non-dairy produce. It follows the posters that recently appeared around London, explaining how Oatly is ‘like milk but made for humans’.

According to Plant Based News, after the release of the posters Oatly said: “It’s been very impactful and we’ve seen a growth in demand for all of our products. The new chilled oat drinks have been performing way ahead of expectations, but we’re busy working with our customers to cover this demand.”

oatly ditch milk

Clearly, Oatly’s eye-catching and provocative advertisements are inspiring UK consumers to switch up their diet. Their new, bold demand for change certainly seems to be working.

Danny Howells, a local who saw the Shoreditch mural, told Plant Based News: ‘It’s superb! The industry is fighting against the use of the word ‘milk’ but it can’t fight against this. Genius!”

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