Vegan Foods & Alternatives

What is tofu? How to prepare, store, and cook tofu to ensure it’s full of flavour

Whether you’re confused about what tofu is or just simply don’t know how to get it crispy, chef Day Radley shares her expertise.

8 of the best vegan chocolate bars you need to try today

Did some say vegan chocolate? We did! Get your chocolate fix with our pick of the best vegan chocolate bars in the UK...

Top 7 vegetables for meat alternatives – from jackfruit to mushrooms

Looking for less processed, healthier meat alternatives? Here are 11 vegetables that make great meat alternatives instead!

Beansprouts: Why they are good for you and how to use them

Find out why you should be eating these delicious little edible shoots - and how to cook with beansprouts.

8 best vegan egg substitutes for baking and cooking

From banana and chia seeds to flaxseed and vegan egg replacements, there are so many vegan egg substitutes to choose from.

13 vegan substitutes you need to know about when you first go vegan

Don't know where to start on your vegan journey? Here are 13 vegan substitutes to help your plant-based transition from vegan cheese to tofu.

Nutritional yeast: Why it’s good for you and how to use it

Are you making a vegan recipe and wondering what is nutritional yeast? Find out why this unusual ingredient is loved by vegans.

The ultimate vegan guide to tofu

Is tofu healthier than meat and what is the best way to cook it to ensure it's full of flavour? Find out with our ultimate guide to tofu.

Vegan food swaps for new vegans

Wondering what to eat instead of fish, or where you’ll get your iron from? Charlotte Willis shares her essential vegan food swaps.

The beginner’s guide to vegan diets: What to avoid and what you should eat every day

Get to grips with the basics with our beginner's guide to a healthy vegan diet. What to avoid and what you should eat every day...

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