Vegan Facts & FAQ

What do you do if you accidentally eat something non-vegan?

Accidentally eating something non-vegan is always tough for vegans. But don't beat yourself up, here's what to do instead...

Is champagne vegan? A guide to vegan champagnes

Not all bubbly is created equally, which means not all champagnes are vegan. Here’s what to look out for when shopping for vegan champagne.

What is a plant-based diet? Everything you need to know

More people are eating a plant-based diet than ever before, but what exactly is it and is it different to being vegan?

What is vegan? The A-Z of veganism, from what vegans eat to is honey vegan?

Veganism is skyrocketing leaving many wondering what is vegan? Here we explore the ins and outs of being vegan.

What is tempeh and how do I cook it? The mysteries of tempeh are uncovered

It's become popular with meat-free dieters in recent years but what is tempeh and how do you cook it? Find out here...

Are avocados vegan? We investigate the truth behind the myth

Since that QI episode, many have questioned if avocados are vegan and what's the truth behind the myth that avocados aren't vegan? We reveal all...

What is jackfruit? How to cook jackfruit and other mysteries uncovered

Katy Beskow investigates the mysteries around jackfruit, where it comes from, how to cook it, and if it really does taste like pulled pork.

Are oranges and lemons vegan? How to pick truly vegan fruit at the supermarket

Not all oranges, lemons or limes are vegan. Here’s why and what to look out for when choosing fruit as a vegan.

Is Quorn vegan? The complete guide to Quorn’s vegan products

Quorn has been around for decades and its range is constantly growing, but is Quorn vegan? We explore which Quorn products are vegan.

Is chocolate vegan? What makes chocolate vegan-friendly

Do vegans eat chocolate?. The good news is yes, we love chocolate! But be warned, not all chocolate is vegan-friendly. Lets find out why

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