Vegan Facts & FAQ

Vegans reveal what they miss since going vegan, and how they feel now

We posed a question to our followers on social media, asking ‘Do you miss anything since going vegan?’ Here are the top results.

Is Nutella vegan?

While Nutella is not vegan, vegan alternatives to Nutella exist, and you absolutely need to know about them! Here's where to find them...

Is bread vegan?

Bread is a staple product many of us enjoy every day, but have you ever wondered is bread vegan? Here's what you need to know.

Are Oreos vegan? The debate that’s anything but black and white

Dip them in plant-based milk or split them in half – Oreos are one of the world’s most-loved snacks, but are they vegan? Find out here...

Is pasta vegan? Here’s how to tell if pasta is vegan

Pasta is the ultimate comfort food for carb lovers, but is pasta vegan? Read on to find on which pasta is vegan and what one's to avoid.

Is silk vegan? Why vegans don’t wear silk

Lex Rigby from Viva! navigates the labyrinthine twists involved in silk production to reveal the cruel reasons why silk is not vegan.

Vegan vs Vegetarian: The difference between vegan and vegetarian

We explore what separates vegans and vegetarians and find which comes out on top in the great vegan vs vegetarian debate.

Vegan vs Plant-Based Diet: What’s The Difference?

Veganism is booming, but confusion around the difference between a vegan vs plant-based diet remains. Here's what you need to know.

Do vegan needs to take supplements to stay healthy?

According to some ‘health’ writers, vegan diets are deficient in vital nutrients. Are we doomed to pop supplement pills?

Are avocados vegan?

Since that episode of QI, it’s a question many of us have been faced with - are avocados vegan and should we ditch our avo on toast?

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