Plant Based Diets & Nutrition

7 reasons why you need to follow a meat-free diet this May (and beyond)

To celebrate No Meat May, we want to share how ditching animal products and following a meat-free diet can help our planet

Over 50, vegan, and thriving: How to maintain your health on a vegan diet

Lauren Craven-Niemczyk investigates how people over 50 can maintain their health throughout all parts of the body through a vegan diet

Feeling tired? Low iron levels could be the culprit

Learn why eating plenty of iron-rich foods doesn’t necessarily mean we get enough iron and how to boost your iron levels on a vegan diet.

Folate: The often overlooked B vitamin

Thought folic acid was something only pregnant people need to worry about? Here's why you need folate and where to get it on a vegan diet.

Top 10 vegan sources of iron: How to maximise your iron absorption

Make sure you're consuming plenty of these vegan sources of iron to ensure your body is getting everything it needs from your vegan diet.

Vegan diets and osteoporosis: Keep your bones healthy

Keep your bones healthy with Heather Russel's guide to meeting your nutritional needs and learn about vegan diets, bone health and osteoporosis.

Fibre: Are you getting enough?

Dr Justine Butler bring you a guide to make sure you are getting enought fibre and from the right sources in your vegan diet.

Vitamin D: Should you be taking a supplement?

Dr Justine Butler, Viva!’s Senior Health Researcher, helps make sure you’re getting enough vitamin D and from the right sources...

The truth about B12 and where to get it on a vegan diet

It’s simply not true that vegans need to take lots of supplements to stay healthy. Here, we break down B12 and the vegan sources of B12.

Do vegan needs to take supplements to stay healthy?

According to some ‘health’ writers, vegan diets are deficient in vital nutrients. Are we doomed to pop supplement pills?

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